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Wine Cellar Management

Let the NW Wine Experience team help you build, inventory or upgrade your Wine Cellar with our expert wine management skills.

Whether you’re just starting out with your wine collection or already have one, we have the right services to help.

  • Establish your Wine Management Program with an up to date inventory & value
    • Conduct or update a physical inventory of your wines
    • Organize home cellars and storage locations
    • Build a “My Cellar” inventory in Cellar Tracker LLC™ – Include recommended “Drink From” and “Drink To” dates for peak aromas and flavors
    • Create an Excel spreadsheet of “My Cellar” (snap shot for insurance or other purposes)
  • Wine collection analysis and recommendations
    • Develop a Personalized Wine Profile to align your wine collection with your preferences, goals and budget
    • Personalized consumption model (how many bottles do you consume per year, how many bottles should you be acquiring per year, etc).
    • Identify gaps in collections and how to fill them
    • Understand budget and suggest strategies to obtain cellar goals
  • Wine Procurement
    • Cellar startup
    • Filling collections gaps
    • Assistance and guidance on using Auctions to purchase wine
    • Expanding Cellar Collection (ie. Add Italian wines to your existing collection – where to start?)


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