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Wine Classes

Whether you are new to wine or not, these classes will broaden your knowledge about each wine region covered. Courses will be offered for both New and Old-World wine regions including Oregon, Washington, California (including Napa and Sonoma Valleys), France, Spain/Portugal, Italy and many others.

  • Each class will offer the following for the region covered:
    • Overview of the region using wine maps and other visual aids
    • History of the area and how it fits in to the world wine picture
    • Discussion of the primary wine grapes grown in the region, soil and weather facts
    • Guided tasting up to six wines to understand the primary aromas and flavors
    • Wine and food pairings with the region’s wine
    • Current vintages, where to buy, price, availability, ratings etc.
  • Other class offerings may include
    • French Bordeaux Futures – What are they and how to buy them
    • How to buy and sell wines on Auction Sites
    • How to break down a restaurant Wine List
    • How best to acquire, store and inventory your wine
    • Wine tasting offered as part of an in-home party or gathering

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